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A Couple Things About The ACTParts Rebuild Shop


Sitting inside our Kansas City headquarters, the ACTParts machine shop is where all of our cylinder heads are loaded, components are rebuilt and transmissions are tested on the Dyno bench.  Its reputation in the heavy equipment industry is kept strong by 30+-year ACTParts veteran Jerry Duxbury.  He is vital to the processes described below that allow ACTParts to stock the industry’s finest remanufactured components, ready to ship to customers around the world.

Quality is the foundation of the rebuild department’s reputation.

It means hands- on experience with the parts we stock.  It means becoming our own customer, looking at them and using them in a test environment as our customers would.  This added layer of quality inspection spots defects through first- hand use because some imperfections are too small or too complex to find until put into action. And in machine components, slight, nearly-undetectable variances in part dimensions can be the difference between a planetary gear and an $800 paperweight.

These variances are extremely rare. We work eclusively with the best heavy equipment part manufacturers in the world specifically because they take the same customer-centric approach to quality as we do.  In other words, we understand the frustration of mechanics when downtime or additional costs are incurred due to a poorly manufactured part. 

ACTParts is fortunate to employ the experience and talent of quality mechanics who expertly spot these rare defects before they reach the customer. The four- letter words heard when such defects are spotted may not be pleasant, but we’d rather hear them walking through our own shop than from a customer faced with downtime in theirs.  This impeccable testing for fit gives the end user peace of mind that components from the ACTParts shop will not give them unwelcome surprises upon installation. And it gives us peace of mind to know the parts we stock for that component meet or exceed OEM specifications as we promise.

Reman Components & the Core Deposit

The extensive availability of components is another facet of our rebuild department that differentiates it from competitors in the heavy equipment business.

Anyone with a unique model or discontinued machine knows how hard it can be to find a component available for immediate rebuild. ACTP specializes in keeping a wide selection of both scarce, hard-to-find components and the more competitive popular models.

The core deposit serves as insurance to keep our supply of components at a level that best suits the needs of our customers. Being able to quickly pull a used component from inventory for remanufacturing is essential to the success of the department and the competitive pricing of our components.  The deposit simply provides a financial incentive for customers to return the core so that we can rebuild it, thereby providing availability and affordability for another customer who may need it.  

Another option designed for the international exporters who look for components with no core deposit due to excessive shipping charges is available via our direct sale of rebuilt units.  This is also for customers who may prefer to purchase a core for productive use while building an old one in-house to put in their shop for fleet use. 

To inquire about our line of rebuilt components available for outright sale, visit our link here: