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Benefits of Buying Aftermarket Heavy Equipment Parts


Shop managers and mechanics in our industry play a critical role of balancing efficiency with frugality. Everything they do will ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. And each minute the machines they work on are not in use the company loses money and productivity; putting tremendous pressure on them to get machines running as quickly as possible.

This pressure often leads fleet managers into making uneconomical purchasing decisions for the sake of convenience. Since the market for heavy equipment replacement parts has become saturated with manufacturers and distributors that run the gamut from inferior to OEM quality, buyers with no experience in the aftermarket are likely to have strong reservations about seeking out a new supplier.

However, these reservations will inevitably lead to missed opportunities for the business to save money without having a negative effect on productivity.

“We get a lot of customers who find us because they find themselves stuck in a situation where they can’t afford to go with OEM parts or can’t spare the manpower to do a rebuild,” says ACTP sales manager Dave Sellinger. “They’re thrilled when they find us because we offer them a filtered selection of only the best quality aftermarket parts and components so they can save money without having to worry about inferior products.”

As Dave described, resourceful buyers who find a reliable supplier like American Crane and Tractor Parts are allowed to enjoy benefits that are frequently overlooked by their colleagues. After 33 years of gathering and distributing the best aftermarket parts available in the world, we are well versed in what these benefits are and compiled a few highlights for you here:

Makes Proper G.E.T. Maintenance Affordable

Purchasing new buckets and other wear parts from the OEM can be painful for shop managers. It is the earthmoving equivalent of spending a fortune on groceries for a social gathering and not getting any leftovers. Purchasing new aftermarket wear parts, on the other hand, makes the buying process less painful for the budget conscious fleet manager. But it also provides long term cost and productivity benefits by making wear parts like tips and corner adapters more affordable to replace on a regular basis.

Low Cost OEM Quality Replacement Components

Fixing problems with a machine’s powertrain components can be very expensive. Tearing down the component to identify the problem, ordering then waiting for new parts, and rebuilding the component are all time and labor intensive which piles labor costs on top of the cost of new parts. In the aftermarket, however, buyers have the ability to take advantage of components that are already rebuilt with new replacement parts. At ACTP, for example, we offer customers the ability to skip ahead to the re-installation of the component. Instead of taking the steps above, customers can trade in their core to receive an OEM quality replacement in half the amount of time and a fraction the cost of doing all the work themselves.

Find Cheaper Parts That Exceed OEM Quality

Ask anyone at ACTP and they all agree that the manufacturers of the machines we distribute parts for are some of the most impressive companies in the world. Their products are building things across the globe and their attention to detail in making every part high quality is unprecedented. But there are several great manufacturers in the aftermarket that focus solely on making one line of parts (hydraulics, bearings, etc.) and have used that focus to actually exceed the quality of the OEM parts at a lower cost. Suppliers like American Crane and Tractor Parts provide customers with easy access and fast shipping of these parts.

Get More Promotional Incentives

For resourceful purchasers, the highly competitive nature of the replacement parts business has created a strong buyer’s market. And by simply signing up for email updates from a reliable supplier like ACTP, buyers get more opportunities to be proactive about their machine’s maintenance by taking advantage of limited time promotional offerings.