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Do Oil Coolers Make a Difference?

To avoid unnecessary downtime, you have to maintain a machinery’s various operating systems. Keeping vital engine components at their optimal operating temperature is an easy way to improve your equipment’s performance and extend service life. Equipment that is out of commission not only costs you repair bills, but also potential earnings and revenue.

Oil coolers use a coolant to keep the oil from getting too hot for the engine. This process keeps the engine working at optimal level, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. An engine oil cooler should last for years with minimal problems as it lowers the oil temperature by 10-20 degrees. Without an oil cooler, it is much more likely that your heavy equipment will overheat, causing delays in productivity. Here’s a look at the potential problems, and how to identify…

Signs of Overheated Oil

So what happens when oil overheats? First, it gets thinner and loses its film strength. This can cause the bearing surfaces of the engine to touch. When this happens for a repeated period, the metal can break down and wear away. Some of the most common problems are cracks and leaks in the cooler. Rust often causes leaks, but vibrations can also contribute to this problem, especially for off-road machinery.

Another common problem is either the coolant leaks into the oil or vice versa. If not caught early, the equipment could suffer serious engine problems. Coolant in the oil is especially bad because it lessens the oil’s lubrication ability.

Effective Oil Cooler Replacement

If you have a component failure always replace the old oil cooler with a new one. When you invest in a top-of-the-line oil cooler, you are investing in your equipment. The heat exchange process ensures less wear on your engine, increasing the productivity of the machine and your business.

At American Crane & Tractor Parts, our cooling systems are designed and tested to ensure your engine operate at the most efficient temperature. All of our oil coolers are tested before shipping from the manufacturer. They are produced using the Disamatic Molding System creating quality throughout the production run. Oil coolers from ACT Parts are soldered using an automated process that ensures consistency and eliminates possible leakage after installation.

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