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Why Dyno Testing Your Heavy Equipment Transmission Rebuild is Important

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When looking for a rebuilt transmission for your heavy-duty and off-road construction equipment, one of the most important questions you need to be asking is, “Has it been Dyno tested?”

The ACTParts Rebuild Shop knows the importance of quality assurance and testing.

Every single transmission or component we build is tested on a Dyno bench to ensure it meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

What is Dyno Testing and Why It’s Important for Rebuilt Transmissions?

Now you may be wondering, what is Dyno testing and why does it matter for rebuilt transmissions for heavy-duty tractor and off-road equipment?

Dyno, short for dynamometer, testing is the use of specially designed equipment to examine the state and operation of a transmission system.

The test is designed to measure force, power, and torque to determine if the rebuilt transmission’s system will meet factory pressure specifications at operating temperatures.

How Does a Dyno Test Work?

At ACTParts, our experienced mechanics maintain the highest quality standard in our transmission rebuilds to ensure long-lasting value.

The hours-long process is carried out by mounting a transmission on the dynamometer. The Dyno test applies a rotational force and additional external forces on the transmission to ensure it is meeting factory setting.

Dyno Test Transmission Rebuild Tractor Part

What Does a Dyno Test Detect?

Dyno testing is a crucial step in a transmission rebuild process at ACTParts. It offers quality assurance knowing that your transmission has been tested for internal leakage, setting shift points and pressures, clutch pack hydraulic flow checks, and system control calibration.

Dyno testing ensures that your heavy-duty transmission meets factory specification and is ready for installation without further adjustments. This additional step that the ACTParts Rebuild Shop ensures our customer’s save time and money.

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