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Is It Worth It to Get a Rebuilt Transmission?

Is It Worth To Rebuild Transmissions

One of American Crane & Tractor Parts most distinguishing characteristic is the quality and availability of our rebuilt components for heavy equipment.

Customers without the time, money, or manpower to do a complete rebuild come to us with complete confidence. We can get them the component they need at a fraction of the OEM price all without sacrificing any of the quality of the component.

The Best Transmissions for our Customers

This past month a customer reached out to one of our sales representatives. They were in need of a transmission for their D7G.

Our representative got to chatting with them only to find out they had purchased their last transmission from us…eight years ago.

Eight years ago, this customer purchased a 9P5352 transmission from the ACTParts Rebuild Shop. After 7,000 hours of pushing scrapers in a bar pit, that heavy equipment transmission finally needed to be replaced.

American Crane & Tractor Parts was their first call.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Hearing customer testimonials like this one drives our mechanics to excellence.

In the ACTParts Shop, we replace every bearing, seal, and electrical element on all rebuilt components using parts from our own stock. We incorporate all critical engineering updates, and any parts that do not meet OEM specs are replaced with brand new, OEM quality parts directly from the shelf at our warehouse.

The transmission our customer purchased was built with CGR®, Caterpillar®, and NTN® components.  Our mechanics perform vigorous testing to ensure quality, and we make sure every one of those parts works as it should.

Dynamometer Testing Ensures Top Quality

One of the most crucial steps the shop takes is “dyno testing” all of the rebuilt components.

Dynamometer (dyno) testing is the use of specially designed equipment to examine a transmission system to determine if it will meet factory pressure specifications at operating temperatures.

Dyno testing your rebuilt transmission gives us information on the following:

  • Internal leakage
  • Setting shift points and pressures
  • Clutch pack hydraulic flow checks
  • System controls calibration

Dyno-testing will ensure your transmission meets factory specification and is ready for installation without further adjustments, which saves you time and money!

The 9P5352 transmission our customer purchased eight years ago and the one purchased last month were dyno tested. The ACTParts Rebuild Shop has and always will be committed to excellence.

Yes, a Rebuilt Transmission is Worth It!

So if you have ever found yourself asking if it’s worth it to get a rebuilt transmission, our customer’s testimonial paired with our shop’s meticulous attention to detail should provide you with a resounding yes!

If that is still not enough to convince you, all of our rebuilds come with a six-month warranty so you can be certain that we stand by the products from our shop.

To view our current stock of rebuilt transmissions and heavy equipment parts, shop ACTParts today.