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Alternators & Starters Spotlight


2016 is in full swing here at ACTParts and in the New Year we have decided to spotlight some of our best products month by month. As you may have noticed, this month we have focused our attention on our well stocked group of alternators and starters. Over the last few weeks we have been receiving some really great questions about our alternators and starters that we believe will be beneficial for all of you to hear the answers to.

Why is it important to use high quality components? Such as heavy duty regulators, high quality bearings, and high temperature grease.

 Standard duty regulators and bearings are prone to premature failure. Bearings not assembled with high temperature grease can cause poor lubrication and bearing failure. In some cases, lower quality bearing grease will liquefy and leak away from the bearing.

Is High End Heavy Duty Tester a brand used for testing starters?

We recently purchased a top of the line heavy duty starter tester from the leading tester manufacturer, D & V Canada. It is a highly advanced tester that can test various parameters and allows us to conduct load tests on starters with a power rating of up to 11.0 kW.

What is the most important component of the starter motor?

The solenoid is the most critical component of the starter motor. Its function is to push the pinion by engaging the shift lever and to ensure that the pinion is meshed with the engine ring gear and once meshing is complete the solenoid contact disk closes the circuit between the battery and the motor field coil, thus providing full power to the starter.

What percent of starter trouble is connected to a failed solenoid?

Sixty percent of all starter trouble is connected to a failed solenoid.

What is a rectifier?

A rectifier is an electrical device that converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing a current to flow through it one direction only.

 All of our alternators are load tested to meet OE specs. They have high quality rectifiers to extend battery life, heavy duty regulators to endure high temperatures, and they have high quality bearings with high temperature grease. Our starters are all brand new and meet OE specs. A high end, heavy duty tester is utilized to conduct load tests. Our starters have high quality, heavy duty solenoids, heavy duty drives, and heat treated armatures hardened to OE specs.

Still have questions about our current stock of alternators and starters? Follow the link below to learn more now.