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CGR Ghinassi Pumps


Seventy three years ago the United States was signing an agreement with Japan that ended WWII. Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away during his unprecedented fourth term as president. The Detroit Tigers won the World Series against the Chicago Cubs. Sylvester the Cat made his first television debut. The first ball point pen went on sale for $12.50. And, amidst it all, CGR Ghinassi was honing their skills in the worldwide spare parts market.

As the years have gone by it is probably safe to say that everyone has learned a thing or two since 1945. CGR Ghinassi is no exception. They have spent the last seventy years perfecting their workmanship and achieving superior quality in their aftermarket products. They cover the entire production chain, all the way from the foundry to the finished product. In the last seventy years their knowledge of spare parts for earth-moving equipment is unrivaled.

 Here at American Crane and Tractor we offer CGR pumps that are designed, manufactured, and checked for maximum security. They produce a wide range of high performance pumps which are constantly being updated. Each unit is as precise as the manufacture’s original unit, to ensure problem-free installation to your machine. We believe in the quality so much that we offer a FULL, no questions asked, 12 month warranty for absolutely no cost. For a small fee you can even add an additional 12 months to the warranty.

Every part used to assemble a CGR Ghinassi pump is supplied by the GB Group. The GB Group is the world’s leading multi-brand network in the aftermarket of spare parts for earth moving, industrial, and agricultural equipment. They place the upmost value on ensuring that all of their brands are producing superior quality, CGR included.

In the past seventy years presidents have come and gone, World Series have been played, you would have to search high and low to find a kid who even knows who Sylvester the Cat is, but CGR Ghinassi is still here and still manufacturing high performance parts that we are happy to deliver to our customers.

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