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New Stock of G.E.T. in CA


Ground engaging tools play a critical role in the overall productivity of earth moving equipment.  Operators who make G.E.T. a high priority in their daily inspections enjoy better productivity and fuel efficiency. When they couple attention to G.E.T. with high quality replacement parts purchased at a slice of list price, it makes for fewer headaches and, most importantly, fewer requests to open the company wallet.

At our Visalia sales and distribution center in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, branch manager Tim Kernan heard several complaints from customers in all areas of heavy equipment regarding the weak selection of aftermarket G.E.T. For them, it had become difficult to determine the cost effectiveness of their maintenance programs due to excessively high list prices on items such as ripper shanks, cutting edges, end bits and other important wear parts.

Collaboration between Tim and our purchasing department resulted in a better inventory mix that marries well with the needs of Tim’s customers.  Our new stock is complete with dozer cutting edges & end bits, shanks & ripper tips, grader blades, bucket teeth and much more.

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CGR Cornelio Ghinassi has been manufacturing heavy equipment parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications since 1927. Their stamp on these products is essentially a guarantee that they were engineered by experts and forged using quality materials.  At ACTP we like to engage a “show-me” philosophy, so we sent samples of our new stock to a lab in St. Louis for Rockwell hardness testing and a report on the materials used in the steel.

Results show that steel used to make our G.E.T. tolerates extreme amounts of abrasion. In fact, testing indicates that the CGR samples will resist wear and provide durability that is commensurate to the OEM equivalent which, on average, costs 55% more.

While our customers move heaven and earth on a daily basis to live-up to contract expectations, ACTParts is here to keep things moving as well. We consistently provide better cost-efficiency and operational efficiency with a wide range of replacement parts in addition to this new stock of important ground engaging tools, ready for immediate drop-shipment.

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