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What Are the Signs It’s Time to Replace Pins and Bushings?

Signs To Replace Pins And Bushings

We all know that the lifespan of parts can vary widely from operation to operation, especially depending on how strictly routine maintenance is performed. To truly know when it is time to replace your pins and bushings you will need to perform a visual inspection.

What are the signs to look for to know when to replace your pins and bushings?

Take a look at your pivot point and see if there is any slack. If there is, it is time to replace your pins and bushings. Look closely so you can specify if the movement is in the static or dynamic part of the assembly.

How do you remove the pin bushings?

First try the hammer and punch. If the pin bushings are stubborn try welding a few beads around the inside of the bushing. If they are steel this will shrink the pin bushing. Just be careful you do not burn through and weld them to the bore.

How do you remove seized bucket pins?

Pulling seized pins is a pain. Depending on the pin and location you can press them out, pull them out with a press, or heat the surrounding area to expand it, thus driving the pin out. You can burn a hole through the pin which will shrink the pin allowing you to drive it out.

Are there risks if you wait to do the repair?

Absolutely. If you wait too long to replace the pins and bushings and there is movement in the static components, the repair can no longer be completed in the field. If that happens the bores will have to be welded up and bored back to industry standard before new pins and bushings can be installed.

Impact loading due to slack will increase fatigue and accelerate distress of all iron in the proximity of excessive wear. Therefore, visual inspections are crucial to maintaining the integrity of your parts and machinery.

In need of replacement pins and bushings?

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