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When Should You Change Heavy Equipment Coolant?

Maintaining the optimum operating efficiency of any heavy duty equipment is crucial for success. Equipment that is out of commission not only costs you repair bills, but also potential earnings and revenue. To avoid unnecessary downtime, you have to maintain the machinery’s various operating systems.

Why Costly Repairs Often Start in Cooling Systems

Studies have shown that 40% of total engine repair costs are due to issues that originate within the cooling system. Every component in the cooling system affects the performance of other operating systems within the machine, so neglecting routine maintenance can be detrimental.

The most immediate concern for any operator should be maintaining the fleet’s cooling system levels with the appropriate type of coolant, while also knowing precisely when the appropriate interval has been reached to change the coolant. Coolant has anti-corrosive properties to protect your engine from being damaged by the liquid. However, the coolant can become acidic over time and thus become harmful to the cooling system. As the coolant becomes more acidic, it can cause issues such as leaks and blockages.

The question remains though, how often do you need to change your coolant? In the past it was recommended that coolant is changed every two years or 600 to 700 hours. However, as technology has advanced there are more efficient coolant properties. It is now recommended to change your coolant every five years or 1200 to 1500 hours—though this always is dependent on the make and manufacturer.

Cooling System Maintenance is Key

Longevity and performance of a heavy duty engine requires an understanding of the entire cooling system that ties precision and power together. Coolant choices, and the intervals chosen to replenish them, are important for fighting engine-component corrosion and other ailments that deteriorate the engine’s efficiency and overall productivity. It is crucial to have your cooling system serviced every so often because the components and systems are incredibly complex, and complex really means more expensive to repair or replace. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, make sure you take the proper steps to keep your engine running long and strong.

Cooling System Parts You Can Count On

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