Line As-Fuel

Make sure fuel lines you run are protected from sharp objects, abrasion, and heat sources. If the fuel gets too hot, the liquid fuel will turn to a vapor and you will have vapor lock.

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825G, 826C, 980C, 980F, 3406B, 3406C, D400E, D8N, D8R, 621, 623E, 627F

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Built to precise specifications and designed for durability and reliability.
  • From injection pumps, to nozzles, to fuel transfer pumps, American Crane & Tractor Parts is here to meet all of your Fuel System needs.
  • Fuel systems are crucial to maintaining your engine. An engine out of adjustment can cause excessive smoke, poor fuel economy, heavy carbon buildup within the combustion chambers, and short engine life.
  • Keep your engine operating at the highest level by checking out all of our fuel system products.



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