Core Assembly - Radiator

A faulty thermostat or a leaking head gasket can cause overheating or high coolant pressure inside the radiatorh that can lead to a crack.

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Make sure to use new mounts on an instal; 9S4497
Modular Radiator – 6 Cores
  • Our cooling systems are designed and tested to ensure that your engines are operating at the most efficient temperature.
  • Only about 33% of the total heat from burning fuel in your engine is converted into crankshaft horsepower. Approximately 30% is expelled through exhaust, while another 7% is radiated directly into the atmosphere from engine surfaces. The remaining 30% must be dissipated through a carefully designed cooling system, which is where we come in.
  • Our cooling systems are manufactured to ensure that they remove just the right amount of heat to in order to keep the engine at the correct operating temperature.


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