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This tube is angled to direct sout and heat away from the cab.

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4P, 54H, D4HTSK, II, D4HTSK, III, D5HTSK, II, 4, 4P, 4S, 5, 55, 5A, 5P, 5S, D4H, D4H, III, D4H, XL, D5H, D5H, XL

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Exhaust Pipe 45 Degree Bend
Product Photos For American Crane & Tractor Parts (actp) Via Wahaus Advertising
Exhaust tubes are components of the exhaust system. Consisting of a collection of tubes that channel the exhaust gases from the cylinders of a engine to the rest of the exhaust system.
  • Our new aftermarket intake and exhaust systems can produce more horsepower and better flow due to the careful design by our manufactures.
  • All of our components are designed to meet or exeed OEM specifications.
  • We have intake and exhaust systems for almost every make and model of heavy equipment and the best part is their capability to bolt into place where the original intake and exhaust was without any modifications.
  • New mitered top to prevent rain water from entering exhaust.



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