Not all gears are in a circular shape. A few are cone or even square shaped.

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315C, 315D, L, 318B, 318B, N, 318C, 318E, L, 319C, 319D, 319D, L, 319D, LN, 320, L, 320-A, 320-A, L, 320-A, N, 320-A, S, 320B, 320B, FM, LL, 320B, L, 320B, LL, 320B, LU, 320B, N, 320B, U, 320C, 320C, FM, 320C, L, 320D, 320D, FM, 320D, GC, 320D, L, 320D, LN, 320D, LRR, 320D, RR, 320D2, 320D2, GC, 320D2, L, 320E, 320E, L, 320E, LN, 320E, LRR, 320E, RR, 320N, 321B, 321C, 321D, LCR, 322, L, 322, LN, 322-A, 322-A, L, 322-A, LN, 322-A, N, 322B, 322B, L, 322B, LN, 322N, 323D, 323D, L, 323D, LN, 323D2, L, 323E, L, 323E, LN, 323F, L

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