Make sure you torque the exhaust clamp on the exhaust coupling and not over tighten it. If you do it will damage the coupling flange.

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Where Used

963B, 953C, 963C, 953B, 963, 953

Additional Info

Clamp Width: (.75 in) Gage Diameter: (4.34 in)
V Band Clamp. Clamps are designed to securely hold two parts together tightly.
  • Our new aftermarket intake and exhaust systems can produce more horsepower and better flow due to the careful design by our manufactures.
  • All of our components are designed to meet or exeed OEM specifications.
  • We have intake and exhaust systems for almost every make and model of heavy equipment and the best part is their capability to bolt into place where the original intake and exhaust was without any modifications.



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