Part # Description
9J6260 Trunnion
5D3283 Coupling
8J5654 Bearing
9U9229 Pin
8X9620 Ball Stud
1213397 Head
230PN Flex Pin – Case
2002232 Alternator G
1898622 Window Wiper Motor GP
4246821 Alternator 24V 75AMP
7K5448 Cup
1967975 Sensor
1B3925 Cup
8E4075 Disc
7W2225 Cylinder Head (Loaded) 3408
1N4304 Cylinder Head (Loaded) 3304DI
8T6703 Clamp/Uniform Load
9D0148 Cable A
9G3341 Switch
9G5517 Switch A
9M0164 Clamp
9J3047 Strainer
9W1077 Switch A
9Y0951 Breaker Assy.
5D7927 Strainer A
0032143 Elbow
9S2292 Heat Sink A
9T5100 Flexplate
9P7121 Strainer
1397701 Cylinder As. (LH)
1397700 Cylinder As. (RH)
9K0806 Cap
1641079 Cable As.
7N5819 Gear
7N5815 Gear
7N5810 Gear A
3181181 Sensor Gp-Speed (1895746)
3161079 Swing Frame
7N5036 Piston W/Pin & Clip
2276056 Shaft-Pinion
1044746 Dowel
1554653 Solenoid As. (Fuel Shutoff 12V)
7P3455 Bushing
7P2355 Pin
7N9917 Gear 3S4461
7P6865 Pin A
7P3472 Pin
7P3467 Pin A
7P6893 Bushing
7V5647 Switch A
7T2476 Disc
7T2651 Strainer
7T4213 Stop
7P7911 Link Assy
7P7912 Link Assy
7P7736 Bearing Sleeve
7N9478 Turbo G
7S5106 Air Chuck
7W1665 V-Belt Set
7W1821 Shaft
7W2225 Cylinder Head (Bare) 3408
7T8006 Ring
7T8004 Ring
7T2336 Disc
7T9311 Pin A
7W5838 Ejector A
8A2251 Liner
7X7742 Washer
7Y2396 Bushing
7Y1685 Rod
8E0735 Converter A
8E1204 Disc
8E0743 Bar A
8E4075 Disc
8D5287 Cable
8D5286 Cable
8G1097 Pin A
8G1099 Pin A
8F9365 Pin
8H3498 Strainer A
8H1172 Tube A
8H8898 Pin
8D8159 Retainer
8E6709 Pump G
8L5008 Elbow (Steel)
6V8627 Elbow
8N1214 Mount A
8S6783 Clamp
8S3999 Clamp
8S0024 Clip
8S5444 Clamp
1352336 Sensor-Temperature
1744913 Valve Gp-Solenoid
144268A1 Engine Air Purifier Hose
6L4714 Filter – Air
6K5741 Cock Drain
6N7982 Lamp Sealed
1941238 Rod
1532521 Lamp Gp
6T1395 Alternator G
6T1980 Collar 9S5515/7G1904
1249780 Motor Gp
11039409 Switch
1352361 Motor Gp-St
5I8085 Alt Gp
5P3931 Compound
5P4961 Clamp
5P4869 Clamp
5P1717 Clamp
5M8034 Bulb
2071560 Motor Grp (4N3181) (6V5227)
6V6957 Latch A
6V9850 Gelbow
6V6777 Latch
6V6778 Latch
6V8723 Elbow
6V9007 Elbow
6V8629 Gelbow
6V8625 Elbow
6V9000 Elbow
1076144 GLASS
1052812 Alternator
1188273 Cap
2128561 Alternator G
7Y1781 Cover
5I8625 Bearing
4880969 Needle Bearing Hub Reduction
7D8348 Cup
3987034 Main Switch Manual
4881319 Needle Bearing Hub Reduction
7E6807 Compressor Grp
2215305 Ball Stud
7C8632 Turbo G
7D1677 Race
7D2746 Elbow
7C7204 Vee Belt Set (2 – 8M0760)
7D3807 Brg Sleeve
6Y3548 Bushing
6Y2751 Pin
6Y7915 Disc Friction
6Y7796 Pad A
7G1901 Bearing
7G8389 Strip
7G6681 Cage A
11703979 Cabin Air Filter
7J4981 Trunnion
7I4184 Pin
20792408 Exhaust Manifold Gasket
7J6250 Brg-Sleeve
7J9694 Bushing
1624612 Exhaust Clamp
7J6884 Shaft
7J6885 Pin
7K1089 Bushing – Roller (3V6142) D4
7J9363 Cylinder G (RH)
7J9364 Cylinder G (LH)
7J9690 Cyl Gp 950
7J9692 Rod A
7J9346 Bushing
7J9250 Nut
7K5138 Spacer
R800103 Air Primary, Round
7N3350 Gear A
7N3349 Shaft A
5I7579 Sensor Grp Speed
1393990 Valve As-Solenoid
7N3515 Gear
7N3521 Core As. Oil Cooler Transmission
3495382 Switch As-Pressure (1262938)
2787695 Bearing Sleeve
2487835 Bearing Sleeve
1855294 Alternator G
7N0808 Clamp
9X5694 Cable As.
1155571 Plate Clutch
6Y8972 Yoke
7N0619 Pulley
7M7817 Valve
7M7456 Loctite
2198689 Belt
7N1996 Lamp
2128602 Pipe
1585633 Pin
7N1760 Ejector A
1928321 Pin
7N1366 Piston W/Pin & Clip
1428937 Cap A
7M1856 Pilot
3W7515 Cylinder A
7M1861 Stop
7M1859 Pilot A
7M1862 Stop
7K9572 Brg Sleeve
7K9717 Link A
7K9549 Bushing
7L0138 Cylinder Head (Bare) D379, D398, D399
4H8713 Coupling
4K3126 Bearing
4M5317 Bushing-Reducer
4K4987 Seat
4D1998 Strainer A
4D6664 Coupling
0307949 Elbow
0307950 Elbow
0307946 Elbow
0307947 Elbow
2S3440 Clamp
5D6998 Horn A
5K9243 Elbow
4P3806 Clamp
4S8834 Element-Air
4S8990 Clamp
1080219 Sleeve
1U0210 Spherical Bearing
1067131 Shaft
1U2738 Piston A
1W4187 Muffler A
1W4724 Clamp 2J6540
1W3900 Gskt 2P1274
1W6055 Ring 9S8973
1W5344 Elbow
2005234 Indicator, Water temp
1022240 Temperature Sensor
2A4577 Cone
1W0311 Brg-Main
1V5636 Bushing
1V5635 Bushing
1V8030 Pin
1V8848 Shim Pack
1050017 Cylinder
1W1656 Main Brg.02
1W1662 Mainbrg.51U
1W4405 Gear
1P7125 Governor A
1S5315 Cap A
1S0572 Spider Fan
1119916 Valve Gp-Solenoid
1S3926 Manifold
1P9945 Bracket A 920
1P1555 Shaft
1N4316 Eng. Bearing
1N4304 Cylinder Head (Bare) 3304DI
1N4317 Eng. Bearing
1N4318 Eng. Bearing
1N4321 Main Brg
1152460 V Belt Set
1140763 Brg Sleeve
1141153 Pin
1P6752 Pump G
1P2695 Cup Tapered Roller Brg
1P2694 Cone
2N8109 Clamp
2P7214 Elbow
2P7732 Elbow
2P2719 Pipe
2S1304 Clamp
2P8679 Strainer A
2D3765 Spider & Bearing Gp
2F7940 Screen A
2D9454 Cup Tapered Roller Brg
2D6511 Cup – Tapered Roller Bearing
2D6516 Roller A
2D9191 Cone
2G4011 Collar
6V8628 Elbow
1861526 Valve Gp-Solenoid
3B6552 Elbow 90 Deg.
3D6678 Strainer A
3E5239 Relay As
1A3987 Disc
1B3925 Cup Brg
1B4046 Cone
1B4038 Cup
1B4102 Ball Bearing
1F3396 Bushing
1591845 Yoke As
1B3931 Cup – Tapered Roller Bearing
1601014 Pin As
3181178 Sensor Gp
1416136 Socket Gp
1416137 Socket Gp St
1483465 Pin
1289883 Bearing
3T8635 Solenoid A
3T4952 Pipe
1283936 Bearing – Race
1299452 Exhaust Manifold Gasket
1883066 Pin – Track Master
1H5338 Cup
1H8937 Drum
1196772 Valve
1F8875 Plate A
1198763 Pump G
1M1455 Pin
1J9575 Strainer A
1283935 Bearing
1M4344 Cage A
1M3925 Gear
1M8923 Race
1M7939 Bushing
1M7911 Bearing
1M7912 Cone
1M3012 Race
2P7806 Clamp
2P4404 Housing A
1U0159 Pin
7Y1427 Gear Sun
1013374 Gear Cam
8I3881 Disc-Brake
7Y0223 Shaft
9U9995 Plate
6Y5632 Plate
6Y7932 Disc
5T4267 Segment
6V3298 Plug
9C8276 Shaft Pinion
8E2153 Disc A
1107723 Plate
6T1996 Plate
1348948 Plate
3054952 Insert – Couple
5T2092 Disc
9Y0140 Elbow
9R2487 Gear, Axel
1864117 Carrier As
7T5010 Bearing Sleeve (2580768)
9R2421 Shaft
6Y8512 Plate
6Y7922 Disc
2661466 Sensor Gp
2270171 Mount
2618554 Pinion-Circle
6V8942 Reducer
6V9851 Elbow
2482169 Sensor Gp-Pressure
6V9877 Elboe
6V9854 Elbow
8T6684 Elbow
2659033 Speed Sensor
3383453 Solenoid As.
7D8349 Cone
7K5448 Cup
7S3002 Ball Bearing
1255771 Solenoid As. (Fuel Shutoff 12V)
1422329 Seal-Drainba
1440367 Clamp
1619930 Sensor Gp
1611703 Sensor Group Pressure
1611704 Sensor Group Pressure
2W9779 Clamp
6V9008 Elbow
3764353 Solenoid Kit
1092361 Motor G
2253150 Motor Gp-Ele
3832557 Alternator 12V, 120A
0054362 Elbow
0951388 Clamp
1307047 Stud
7X0492 Elbow-90

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